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Graduated from Studio Bercot in 1999, Emmanuelle Keller worked as a stylist and head of collections for various brands. Her experiences have given her expertise and understanding of the entire creation process for leather goods, from design to production. Being aware that traditional French workshops are slowly disappearing, Emmanuelle’s wish, by founding Maison Hikaku, is to create a place of excellence matching her expectations for high end goods. She partnered with a talented leather goods manufacturer, Louise Dallérac, and acquired all the necessary tools to produce leather handbags as they were manufactured in a bygone era.

Why the choice of independence? Emmanuelle thinks being independant goes hand in hand with a high quality offer. She is her first client, confident in her taste as well as her ability to read the signs of the times.


Awarded Best Apprentice in France in 2008, Louise Dallérac trained as a leather goods manufacturer at the Parisian school Grégoire-Ferrandi. She worked for a French brand and was dreaming of creating her own brand when she met Emmanuelle. Their common expectations brought them together. In charge of the workshop since its creation, Louise gently brings it her own touch. Her talented hands give life to Emmanuelle’s ideas in a creative exchange, which defines the spirit and style of Maison Hikaku.

MARCEL ----- the small yellow dog


Filipe Jardim is a Brazilian, surfer, great traveller, talented illustrator, and he shares with Emmanuelle Keller a taste for original creations that bypass the status quo. Setting up at the workshop, Filipe grabbed his pens and brushes to express his graphic vision for Maison Hikaku. A series of colorful boards were created emerging from those two unique worlds.

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